A River Blue

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Notes from the Road: An African Journal

August 26th, 2006

the kids did dramas today
each group put on a play about 45 minutes some were hysterical and playful all the kids seemed totally at ease with acting like they were specially trained kids from a special school but there is no training and schools of this kind for the kids their ability comes from nature from not having tv or resources to entertain themselves any other way all their escape or entertainment must come from them
this coupled with excruciatingly painful experiences is the most fertile ground for creativity its that that ive seen an abundance of all week
the plays were all about things they’ve seen and current issues in their village the first was about the LRA they carved cap guns from wood
and depicted a scene of brutal murder in which the victims skull was crushed which is often the way the LRA kills its victims
another showed women seducing men and then ripping them off in their sleep pretty heavy stuff for 12 year olds on this one the village kids went nuts when the boy and the girl got in bed together and put a sheet over themselves which represented the act the kids hooted and hollered and laughed from a place way deep down it was infectious and I quickly snapped photos of the group wild with glee hands clapping in the African air

tomorrow we leave
to kampala
i'm sad already
I want to continue this work
It’s fulfilling in a way that i've never known before Sharing cultures Sharing love And giving what I can To these wonderful people Has been more than a dream come true I never dared to dream that big Now when I return I must keep this passion within I must remind myself That I am needed To raise funds To provide for these kids A means of self-expression And a way to heal trauma That most of us Could never imagine