A River Blue

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Notes from the Road: An African Journal

August 25th, 2006

cyrus was born today
I am an uncle
times 2
The day
at alepdong was amazing
The kids
painted things that were full of angst and beauty We have made a promise just by coming a promise by bringing gifts given them joy and their hearts so wide and bursting There is no way I can turn back I have asked god in times of desperation to be a light and inspiration My prayers have been answered I have to be more than I was Or in truth I have to be all that I am I want to be absolved I want to be redeemed and start new with the spirit inside behind over and under me Please hear us Please answer us The way you have answered us here and now I love you your people Who suffer in ways most of us could never imagine
They are looking at us to fulfill a promise of the hope that outside eyes and ears who respect their humanity undoubtly bring I am asked when will we return?
The elders in the camp have praised us
The children love us
the leaders know
that if our heart is right
so much can be done
I ask you to join us
And bring these people
basic nessecities to live their life
worthy of all
these people are our
heart and soul
our soul will burn with theirs
I have looked into the eyes of our brothers and sisters Their skin is broken open from disease They donít have clean water They donít have real food
they are
giant souls
They are
your children
They are
your parents
they are
your grandparents
they need
you to help them
live in a way fitting to be called human
make no mistake about it
in ways
they are much happier than you and I
could ever be
their sense of community
is something
i've never seen touched in America
but they need basics
and it is our responsibility
as humans
to provide this for them
they have been devastated
by civil war that is almost twenty years old many most have lost everything families wealth property they are a proud people and as for the job of living we could learn much from them they are beautiful talented joyful and proud human beings of the highest order it is our continued shame and damnation if we do not do everything in our power to deal with their needs at once we cant live in peace until we know our family is being taken care of Your mother Your father Your brother Your sister And your children Are sick and starving Give everything you have To change this horrible circumstance There is nothing else that we can do We are human beings We are given a light We are given a light I sang with a kid today He wrote the lyrics They went like this Jesus is my savior Tell the devil I am the winner I wondered when he sang that If I could ever tell the devil that I am the winner Until theyre living in a situation which they deem decent Please turn the direction around it is not impossible for us to change It starts with a seed It starts with one village it starts with one person It starts with you There is something definite that can be done And you can do it You can change the course of everything God has given you a heart Which is everything You are all people You are this world You have a gift Please share it With me With them Please believe You are powerful You are the very light By which all creation has spun You are in fact The ultimate Donít deny this any longer Not for them But for yourself There is still time To be saved There is still time
To save
And believe
And believe
I need you
They need you
You need you
To wake up
And give everything you have
or give all you can spare
There is no other choice
There is no other conclusion
How could there be?
Your family is starving
They are sick and dying
What other choice do we have?
When you give yourself
To the spirit of generosity
the joy is overwhelming
Help us survive
Help us live in dignity
Help us be a joyful people
Proud of what we are
Proud of what we represent
In the eyes of god
And in our own eyes
Help us
Be what we are
A glorious species
That has not suicided a life that is a gift so precious It is impossible to earn This gift we have It is ours To surprise Even the one Who gave it to us He is waiting For us to act As he would Have us act I love you From the bottom of my heart I love you