A River Blue

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Notes from the Road: An African Journal

August 24th, 2006

on the way to alebdong
I was listening to coney island baby
Iíve re discovered the tune
and it drives
Its lou
at his best
When he talks about
playing football for the coach
with his laid back
cool talking tenor
Nothing can beat it
Itís just so loaded
It means everything and nothing
And then when he goes
the glory of love
I had to play it
for the choir director
on the way
to the camp
And his reaction
was priceless
This is a man
who has dedicated his life
to music
Who has never heard
david bowie
or lou reed
And I had the distinct
pleasure of turning him on
the whole hour long drive to
the camp to some
of the greatest songs
in rock history
You should have heard
his take on cosmic dancer
He thought 12 was very young to start dancing And then he thought another character started dancing at 8 I explained that it was song about the circle of life and that he danced himself out of the womb and danced himself into the tomb I think he understood he flipped for bang a gong For satellite of love he said This is a good lunchtime song which I totally understood what he meant When I played him man who sold the world he sang with the guitar melody And always commented with voice far too loud Like someone who had no concept of headphone logic During Suzanne \ he noticed the key lyrics and proved to be a very astute listener Jean geanie went down well As did walk on the wild side I tried to take photos of his big gapped tooth grin As this man was received by the big rock n roll beast that haunts us all A truly great moment and there arenít many of those that happen before 10 am unless you been up since 10 pm We spent much of the day recording the children whose performance during the day when unrehearsed and unencumbered was a breath taking bit of percussive glory But in the latter part of the day we recorded them OFFICIALLY some of the magic was gone but only some in a place so full of magic it boggles the mind

These kids
are dying
to be heard to be recognized
to be seen as the
beautiful people that they are
There are superstars among them
Who would give anything
just to have anything
they donít have
clean water
or good food
or a decent place
to live
Once you see
their soul
And their poverty
It isnít just an abstract idea
Then you know
From your heart
that something
must be done
And nothing
in your life
could be as important
as providing
for those kids